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Good News Asset Recovery Services

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Did you receive a call or letter from us?


Good News!  We recently completed a comprehensive search that indicates that you are the rightful recipient or heir to assets that have gone unclaimed for quite some time.


Each year we uncover millions of dollars in unclaimed or lost assets due to people and businesses who are never notified. Often there is an expiration date to file a claim for the assets before they revert to a governmental agency. Most of the assets that we discover are not available by an Internet search and it is unlikely you will ever be notified of their existence without the efforts of a company like ours.


We spend countless hours researching to locate unclaimed assets and their rightful recipients.  As a result, we've dedicated our efforts towards answering some of the questions you might have before you take your next step with us.  For most, if not all of the answers to your questions please go here.

If you haven't spoken with one of our claims professionals yet, we encourage either you, your attorney, or a trusted adviser to call us Toll Free at: (800) 771-5136 - (762) 233-0357 (Local) or email us today.  The claims process can take time.  The sooner you begin, the sooner you will be able to claim your funds or unclaimed assets.